for Comfortable Human Environment
In the field of design business, specialty fields such as design works; in Urban, Architecture, Interior, Display, Event, Furniture, Products and Graphics, are generally conducted by specialty design offices, respectively.

These have been specialized and separated independently to respective fields; not from the characteristics of scale (dimensions), shape, materials and colors in design, but from the point of specialties in respective technologies.

As seen in the history, architects, who were also considered as designers in the Middle Ages, designed everything from urban designs to gardens including wall paintings, door knobs, etc. As far as the design business is concerned, the big difference between the Middle Ages and present days is that it is almost impossible for any able designer to handle things across multiple fields in design work, because of requirements for mustering technologies concerned in respective fields and balancing design objectives between design and its cost performance.

Our UDA will undertake any design work in human environment with comprehensive capabilities by collective designers specialized in various fields reflecting an original spirit in design.

Our objective and feature in design are to produce refined and crystallized design works collectively, not by individualistic star-player designers but by collaborating in design specialists based on common concept from multiple fields.
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